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Tips to Book a Speaker Tips to Book a Speaker There are many factors to consider when booking a speaker, therefore choosing the best keynote speaker for your event may be a tough decision. In order...


Hire a Speaker Hire a Speaker Looking to hire a speaker who has experience overcoming unimaginable obstacles, facing extreme adversity, only to come out on top? Do you want your audience...


Ask Yourself These 6 Questions Many of us become demotivated in our careers, become complacent, or are satisfied with our businesses the way they are. Sometimes we need a boost to help us re-kindle the...


Motivational Speakers | Keynote Speakers If your company is in need of a better return on investment or are looking to increase your productivity among employees, hiring motivational speakers, keynote speakers...


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Tips to Book a Speaker

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Tips to Book a Speaker

There are many factors to consider when booking a speaker, therefore choosing the best keynote speaker for your event may be a tough decision. In order to help you with your decision, here are some tips to book a speaker for your next conference, meeting or event.

Tip #1: Find out what your audience wants or needs.

Before you start searching for a speaker or trainer, you need to ask yourself what you want the person to do. Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to help you to identify the type of speaker or trainer you need.

  • What is the purpose of the meeting or event?
  • What do I want the speaker or trainer to accomplish?
  • What will the attendees be expecting?

Tip #2: Learn what are the different types of speakers and trainers.

  • Celebrity – A famous person who is often in the media
  • Industry expert – A person who is knowledgeable about a particular topic but is not a professional speaker
  • Politicians – Someone who is or has been in political office
  • Professional speaker – One who gives presentations professionally and full-time
  • Professional trainer – A person who trains people or groups of people professionally

Tips #3: What you should know before booking your speaker or trainer.

  • What is the exact date of the presentation?
  • What is the exact time of the presentation?
  • What purpose will the speaker serve?
  • Are you looking for specific topics or subjects? If so what are they?
  • What speaking style are you looking for? Ex. humorous, entertaining, high energy level, strong content, participatory exercises, etc.
  • What is your budget to book a speaker?
  • Do you want to book a speaker for multiple presentations or one time only?
  • What are the audience demographics?

Tip #4: Support Material.

  • Would you like the speaker to offer supporting material such as workbooks or handouts?
  • Are you interested in obtaining follow-up support material such as books, audio tapes, etc.?
  • Would you like the presentation to be taped?

Tip #5: What you should expect from your speaker.

  • A biography (bio sheet)
  • An introduction (how they would like to be introduced)
  • Promotion video
  • Professional photo
  • Diagram of the ideal room setup for the speaker
  • Audio-visual requirements
  • Handout copy masters for duplication

By asking yourself these questions, you will then be able to book a speaker with ease.

For more information on how to book a speaker, or to book Joe Roberts the Skid Row CEO, contact him today at 604-941-7708

or toll free at 1-888-944-7483.

Hire a Speaker

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Hire a Speaker

Looking to hire a speaker who has experience overcoming unimaginable obstacles, facing extreme adversity, only to come out on top? Do you want your audience to learn how to “make it” despite every day challenges, big or small?

Joe Roberts, known as the Skid Row CEO, has faced poverty, addiction, homelessness, and has conquered each hardship to become a successful CEO and business person. Robert’s made his first million dollars by age 35, graduated top of his class, and has won a plethora of business awards.

Joe knows the key to overcoming challenges, and will inspire, motivate, encourage and teach your audience how to improve their personal lives as well as their professional lives. He will offer practical steps to overcoming adversity, that are tangible and easy to follow.

If you are looking to hire a speaker will all of these qualities, contact Joe Roberts today at 604-941-7708 or toll free at 1-888-944-7483.

Ask Yourself These 6 Questions

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Many of us become demotivated in our careers, become complacent, or are satisfied with our businesses the way they are. Sometimes we need a boost to help us re-kindle the passion in our business life. Lately I have become more and more excited about my business and projects I have going on, therefore I have decided to share with you a few questions that helped me to get back on track.

Ask yourself the following questions, but answer HONESTLY:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, do you think to yourself “I am really looking forward to what today brings me?”
  2. Do you often think you “have it all together?” If your answer is yes, you are too comfortable in your work. I have never met a person who truly “has it all together,” so make sure you aren’t lying to yourself!
  3. When was the last time you took on the task or tasks of one of your staff members? Do this for one day in the next week, and you will re-appreciate their work. If your staff feels appreciated, they will work harder for you as well.
  4. Do you smile at work? Do you laugh every day?
  5. Is your business growing, or are you content with the size of it as it is? If your business is now growing, there may be a problem.
  6. When was the last time that you made a business decision to help your business grow, despite risks?

We have all been there; the place where your business life is a mundane, monotonous experience everyday. I encourage you to mix it up, have some fun at work, with your staff, and with your business. I am curious as to how your business is doing, and how happy you are with your business and/or career.  Feel free to email me, Facebook me or leave a blog reply.

Joe Roberts,

Skid Row CEO


Motivational Speakers | Keynote Speakers

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If your company is in need of a better return on investment or are looking to increase your productivity among employees, hiring motivational speakers, keynote speakers or business speakers to inspire and motivate your team could be the best solution for your organization.

Unfortunately, many motivational speakers, keynote speakers and business speakers will motivate your company for a day or a week at the most. Therefore it is essential to find a speaker who will offer your company measurable results and a guarantee.

The Skid Row CEO Joe Roberts is not only one of the most sought after motivational speakers, keynote speakers and professional speakers, he also offers 100% guarantees on his programs as well as measureable results.

To learn more about Joe’s programs, check out his keynote speaker programs or contact him today at 604-941-7708.



Hire Keynote Speaker

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Conference Keynote Speaker ● Business Keynote Speaker ● Motivational Keynote Speaker

keynote speakerA masterful keynote speaker, Joe Roberts knows the formula to turn potential sales into profits. As an experienced sales professional who increased Mindwares profits by 800%, Roberts’ will not only teach your audience the techniques to do the same, but he will motivate and encourage them as well.

Roberts will customize the program around your specific needs, challenges and objectives in order to help your business increase profit, productivity and moral.

As a keynote speaker, Roberts delivers entertaining and educational keynote speeches to all types of management-related events including corporate gatherings, association conferences, sales meetings, industry conferences, AGMs and executive retreats. Robert’s high-energy, humerus keynote speeches are sure to inspire and motivate even the toughest audiences. If you are looking to hire keynote speaker to spark change within your company, Roberts’ keynote speeches will do exactly that.

Conference Keynote Speaker


Roberts excels at inspiring audiences throughout all association conferences or company meetings. As a conference keynote speaker, Roberts knows how to connect with the audience while providing practical business insights that can be implemented for results. Mark thrives on striking this balance in every engagement.

Business Keynote Speaker


Roberts is a professional business keynote speaker, and as a professional he focuses on the measurable actions that yield better client results and higher profit opportunities.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

As a motivational keynote speaker one must be able to influence other leaders to operate at a higher level. Roberts’ leadership keynote speeches provide strategies that motivate leaders, which are practical, insightful and simple to implement. If you are looking to hire keynote speaker for your upcoming managers meeting, leadership conference or executive retreat, Robert’s leadership keynotes are the perfect fit.

To learn more about booking a speaking event, contact Joe Roberts at 604.941.7708 or toll free at 1.888.944.7483

Vancouver Cheering

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Have you ever heard an entire city cheer? Twice?

Vancouver, BC

Last Year

This Year

Press “Like” if you are going to be cheering in Vancouver during the Stanly Cup Playoffs!

The Courage to Come Back

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Each year, The Courage To Come Back Awards honour British Columbians who have overcome seemingly-insurmountable challenges and reach out to help others. They are people who offer hope and inspire us with their courage, strength, and drive to give back to their communities.

One award is given in each of these categories: Addiction, Medical, Mental Health, Physical Rehabilitation, Social Adversity, and Youth. All the recipients have their stories told in The Province newspaper, in an interview with Deborra Hope on Global BC’s News, and in stories on News1130 radio.

I was honored with this award quite a few years ago, and I would like to encourage you to nominate someone you feel as overcome adversity and become an inspiration to the community. It could be a friend, family member, mentor, coach, etc.

If you know someone who deserves recognition for their strength, courage and determination to persevere, you can fill out a nomination form here http://www.coastmentalhealth.com/courage.html

Inspirational Quotes

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What’s your ALL TIME FAAVORITE inspirational quote? Poem? Bible verse? Post you favorites in our comment box! Here are a few to get you thinking….

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Tough Stuff Workshop Presented by Pragmatic Thinking

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business workshop

1 Day Program

Presented By pragmatic thinking

What are the tough conversations for you?


Recent research shows feedback discussions are the least enjoyed

management task second only to “ring someone. (source: Gallup)


So how have we got to this point? How has having a direct, real and

necessary conversation with staff, clients or suppliers become so hard?

In a nutshell, we have been shown processes without considering the

human element in the discussion.


In this one-day development program you will learn the science of

human behaviour, non-verbals and advanced communication techniques

designed to:


  • de-personalise tough feedback
  • uncover some root causes of dificult behaviour
  • craft behaviour modi”cation strategies
  • avoid the language that causes conflict
  • help you get clear with your requests
  • show you the best way to be assertive in any situation


Dealing With the Tough Stuff can show you how not only to survive

the tough conversations, but to thrive within them, leading to;

more productive performance discussions and substantially less conflict.

Where to go from here….

  • Call us: +1 778 862 7345
  • Email us: pragmatic@josephroberts.ca
  • Sign up to our newsletter: www.pragmaticthinking.com
  • Download resources from our website
  • Ring us to catch-up for a coffee
  • Connect with us online



Hear what others have said…..

As an HR consultant I will use this in my dealings with staff and managers; we enjoyed the practical tips and examples. Thanks!

Jackie Britz, PowerWater


Fabulous workshop, full of really useful information and a very positive perspective on humanity as a whole.

Kerry Sims, Department of Health


It was my personal joy to be in attendance and learn from your presentation. I am con!dent that we will take the lesson you have shared and apply it in the workplace.

Major Stan Ratcliff, Divisional Secretary, The Salvation Army



Hiring a Motivational Business Speaker

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Hiring a Motivational Business Speaker


While there are many ways to inspire and energize your company’s workers to perform above and beyond your expectations, hiring a motivational speaker who offers measurable results is one of the most popular ideas.

A motivation speaker should draw upon his or her own personal and business experiences in order to motivate and inspire your company. In addition, providing working examples and offering practical solutions to the problems your organization is facing is key to increasing moral within your workplace.

While motivational business speakers are particularly valuable for sales businesses, any company, business or organization can benefit from hiring a professional speaker to motivate their company.

In addition, a good motivational business speaker can offer your company practical information, sales techniques, and customer service tips that your company may not know of. By hiring a motivational speaker, you can not only encourage and enliven your sales force, customer service team or staff, but will also equip them with new tools to become more efficient. Because these speakers travel the globe talking to businesses like yours, they have gained insight and experience in what works to make sales in all types of businesses.


Unique – Joe’s experience and message are truly unique and memorable. He is no ordinary Joe with a history of homelessness and poverty transitioning to wealth, success and corporate leadership.
Real Content – solid business principles that can be applied immediately to your business challenges, with remarkable results.
Inspiring – Joe’s captivating story will stir your audience to tackle their most ambitious personal and professional goals.
Measurable Results – the Joe Roberts Program includes exercises designed to assist you in tracking the effect of his presentation on your organization.
Active Experience – receive insight and guidance from someone who is in the trenches daily, tackling the very issues that affect all businesses. Joe is not only a speaker he is an active CEO in Mindware Design Communications that has experienced 800% growth in less than four years under his leadership.
Lifetime Impression – Joe’s stirring and inspiring message will stay with participants long after your event has ended. 60 Minutes with Joe Roberts leaves a lifetime impression.
No Risk – Every program offered by Joe Roberts comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are looking for a motivational business speaker to motivate, inspire, unite, and encourage your company, contact Joe Roberts today!

Email info @ skidrowceo.com

Office            604.941.7708

Toll Free         888.944.7483